Training - Ethical Hacking: Penetration Testing

Overview of the course:

Penetration testing (pen testing) is the practice of attacking your own network or that of a client's, using the same tools, techniques, and steps that an attacker would. The purpose of pen testing is to expose gaps, weaknesses, and possible entry points without doing any real damage. In this course, you will learn how to prepare, execute a pen test, and how you should report your results in a way that will add value to your time and efforts.



Target Audience:

  • Anyone interested in ethical hacking and cyber security
  • CEH, CCNA aspirants
  • Network Administrators
  • Computer and IT engineers
  • Students pursuing bachelors in computer science and IT

Course Content:

  • Understanding Penetration Testing
  • Pen Testing: Reconning and/or Footprinting the Target
  • Pen Testing: Scanning the Target
  • Pen Testing: Enumerating the Target
  • Pen Testing: Hacking the Target
  • Pen Testing: Sniffing the Target
  • Pen Testing: Social Engineering the Target
  • Pen Testing: DoS/DDoS the Target
  • Pen Testing: Session Hijacking the Target
  • Pen Testing: Targeting Web Servers
  • Pen Testing: Hitting Web Apps
  • Pen Testing: Looking at the Wi-Fi
  • Pen Testing: Focusing on the Mobile Devices
  • Pen Testing: Target the Firewall and/or IDS
  • Pen Testing: Going After the Cloud
  • How to Bring It All Togeth



Scope of the Course: