Training Solutions

We are into training since 1997, and our affiliation with Microsoft is of more than 7 years old. We have handled and successfully executed huge training projects. We were early birds in the marketplace in the area networking solutions in the former United AP, and our company back then was known as ‘Gatestech.’ It was known for upholding great work values and has earned great respect in the market. It has provided quality corporate training to major corporate houses and received many rewards too.

Currently most of our operations are in stealth mode; working with new potential partners to get associated in areas such as Ethical hacking, Linux, VM ware, DevOps etc. We would like to come up with futuristic and long lasting innovative courses that are most beneficial to career seekers in IT.

Our training courses are both taught in traditional classroom method as well as in online.

Our traditional physical classrooms are spacious with experienced, while our instructors have rich industry experience. In here, you can get personal attention during training. We provide great learning resources, friendly and professional interacting atmosphere with instructors and with other co-students.

While the advantage of pursuing online course through online training center is that, it reduces the amount of travel associated for both the students and the instructor. But, contrary to the popular belief, online training methods have turned very sophisticated and mature. With online training experience turning much like physical, real-time classroom training experience where in you can interact with other co-students; raise hands as well looking for answers to your questions.

But the major advantage of taking up courses through online training centers remains in the availability of best of the best faculties around the world. You no more have the location redundancy without having to compromise with the quality of learning. Online world provides an atmosphere where, many open high quality instructors ready to train and empower you with the much needed ammunition to put your career on a top gear.

Innovision provides you with great training material for your future use we provide you with adequate projects which broaden and enrich your vision and knowledge. Our projects equip you with the necessary skill and instill in you the necessary confidence so that you are market ready to face the worldly real-time working challenges at your work place.

Test Center

Gone are the days were institutions and corporations used to conduct laborious paper examinations for candidates, where lot of time is wasted in conducting paper examinations, later the pain staking paper correction process etc., causing time delays thereby diluting their very basic purpose.

But there is good news. The industry is witnessing a rising trend in majority of private institutions/corporations/state and central government hiring processes going for private online test centers that facilitate online examinations. And no doubt online examination method has taken the main stage.

This online examination process reduces the redundancy of having to rely on paper examinations which are laborious, expensive and time consuming.

Traditional paper based examinations requires excessive staff who are burdened to oversee and monitor the candidates (in person) who are appearing for the paper examination at the test center. Later the staff has to make sure the exam papers are collected in a particular format from the candidates, keeping a constant watch of any malpractice done by any student during the exam time at the test center.

Not to mention the kind of coordination that is required between the administrative staff and the field staff to make the exam a success, which often, is very difficult. There is often confusion, chaos in checking papers, paper work. The problems arising out of the paper examination method seems…endless!

Online examination (centers) offer scalable, reliable mechanism to conduct exams from end-to-end, right from the gamut of setting up the right question paper till the announcing of result online; all done with less cost. Now, majority of entrance exams in education institutes, professional certification bodies, recruiter firms hiring for suitable candidates, psychometric tests to assess the personality of candidates are all done online.

At Innovision Technologies we provide high-end¸ reliable online exam test center facility that gives you best online examination experience. We serve all industries, fields and sectors. We use high quality, most secure, and latest technology in conducting online exams at our facility. Our online test centers make sure there is no unauthorized access to the information during and after the exam effectuating for a smooth running of online exams.

Online exams at Innovision are conducted with great security and are executed with utmost integrity. We use secure browsers that prevent others accessing our windows information, prevention of screen capture is taken care of, and we ensure we have secure system access; login and logouts. We also do IP tracking, and we check exam responses.

Moreover, we use highly secure (SSL) data encryption to avoid any possible misuse of exam data and question bank.

Our experts at the test centers are very helpful and are well trained to conduct/ monitor the test center units effectively. The center has multiple labs with necessary computer systems, CCTV surveillance.

Our remote proctoring facility captures the images and video content of candidates appearing at the exam at regular intervals, also it has facility of live remote monitoring. It all helps to identify and authorize the right candidate taking the right online exam.

The center has strong power back up with UPS and powerful generator system, an AC system facilitating for a no-hassle and smooth functioning of the exam for candidates.

Our Online test center infrastructure can assure you with the smooth running of any on line examination be it for your professional certification exam or public services exam for that matter even a competitive exam. The management along with technical staff provides great support, and help, so that the people appearing for exam feel at ease.