Services - Retail

The retail world is undergoing a sea change. Vastly driven by consumers and fuelled by tech advancements. The pace at which the growth is taking place is phenomenal and there seems no slowing down, provided all stakeholders embrace this change simultaneously. With shopping centers taking steps to merge online experiences with offline ones, the future of retail is looking very prosperous and it is becoming increasingly exciting for both retailers and consumers.‚Äč

  • At the customer level, this is a busy naughty world. Customers buying things today from your store may not turn and look back at your store again if you provide a terrible shopping experience for your customer. Because everybody is in a hurry; nobody has time or patience for standing in lengthy queues at the counters for buying their groceries, or cinema tickets.

    Our retail Point of Sale software solutions are designed to address the challenges of Small & Independent Aspirants, Retailers and large multi-store Retail Chains. They are built using latest technologies, and they assure retailers 'a visible improvement' in customer engagement, by helping them source the right product at right price at the right time.

Our Retail Software comes loaded with useful features include, but not limited to:

  • Barcode Scanning & Manual Billing
  • Re-Order Management
  • Multi-Customer Handling on Single Computer ( It eliminates the need to feed in manually purchased bills and files state-wise VAT & E-Returns for added ease.)
  • Notifications over SMS & E-Mail become easier and orders & bills interchange through server.

Our Solutions offer fully scalable, robust solutions for Retail industry with the support of new technologies which include:

  • Web Applications and Services for ERP/CRM
  • Mobile Applications for Retail (Platforms Windows/Android/iOS)
  • Cloud services for Retail (HTML Builder; HTML Editor; PDF/CSV/XML/JSON data exchange)
  • API (communication interface)
  • Customer Care, Loyalty Programs
  • Administration/Monitoring (Tools for managing and monitoring services)