Services - Open Sources

Open Source Software (OSS) refers to software that is developed, tested, or improved through public collaboration and distributed with the idea that it must be shared with others, ensuring an open future collaboration.

The collaborative experience of many developers, especially those in the academic environment, in developing various versions of the UNIX operating system, Richard Stallman's idea of Free Software Foundation, and the desire of users to freely choose among a number of products - all of these led to the Open Source movement and the approach to developing and distributing programs as open source software.

  • Open source software is the fastest-growing field in the IT industry. Likewise, it is quickly becoming the most popular type of software and software platform for enterprises of all sizes. Its cost-effectiveness, lack of vendor limits and controls, flexibility, reliability and ease of use all make it the best option for most businesses, organizations – and even government agencies.

    Open-source software has matured over the years and offer strong competition to closed-source / commercial software. Open-source based software – open source software has manifold advantages including:

    • Reduced dependence on commercial and OEM vendors and suppliers
    • Agile, Innovative, and cost-effective
    • Transparency in design and development
    • Ability to determine the roadmap for growth of the system through an open technology stack
    • Cost-savings translating into better RoI
    • Ability to focus on specific use-cases like Unified Content Management System, Digital Marketing, Social Media Communications instead of buying and customizing an all-in-one commercial package etc

    Globally, we are witnessing an exponential rise in the number of mobile devices being used. Open source technologies offers an effective way for mobile app development, mobile app development tools such as Ionic, PhoneGap, Titanium, Appium Framework7—, Jquery mobile, Mobile Angular UI, React Native etc. are helping mobile app developers to create world-class mobile products, which are easy to deploy and can be scaled up easily.

    Many of today’s top new enterprise technologies are focusing on free, “open-source” technology. As a result, many big companies — from financial giants to retailers to services firms — are building their businesses around new, community-based technology that represents a sea change from the IT practices of the past.

    At Innovision Technologies, we have built a strong and dedicated team of software professionals having in-depth experience in developing and deploying software solutions built using open source technologies. We provide development, implementation, consulting, technical support services for a wide range of open source technologies and products. Some of our successful business solutions are built using open source technologies, which have transformed our clients’ software projects.